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The First Man - Albert Camus, David Hapgood It is not often that I struggle to find words; yet, this is one of those times. Reading this unfinished manuscript has left me without words to express how I feel about it. It's not a novel - it's a glimpse into the mind of a great man as he looks back on what was and what was not. It is a rare glimpse into his likes, dislikes, memories, relationships, upbringing, social settings... This 'novel' is full of inconsistencies, missing words, and notes. Nevertheless, such is life - impure, fragmented, complicated, unscripted, and full of twists and turns.

I doubt I'll even be able to write a coherent review of this book, however, I will doubtlessly never forget this book. It is a rare glimpse into the mind of a great man, and for this I'm thankful.