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Luv Ya Bunches - Lauren Myracle
Well, where to begin? Let's begin with my opinion, which is, that this book is really not a book. I mean, there is a very subtle plot, a lot of shallow conversations, and a bunch of IM-like screens.

Would I want MY fifth grader to read this - NO. Perhaps I'm naive, perhaps I'm fortunate to live in a place that holds different values, but if MY fifth grader talked/acted like the ones in the book, I would be rather displeased.

Aside from the shallow, inappropriate language (and trust me, I am not a sensitive person when it comes to language), what bothers me is the spelling. I realize the author wants to connect to youth, but why are we perpetuating words like 'tonite', 'cuz', et cetera. I see quite a few young adults who think it is okay to write like that.

Lauren Myracle gets two stars from me only because she introduces diversity to the audience, and offers a glimpse into different cultures/religions. Otherwise, this book would have been a one-star for me.