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River of Stone

River of Stone - Colorado T. Sky It's been some years back that I first met Colorado Sky, and right there and then he became one of the most interesting people I had the chance to chat with. We talked bikes, we talked roads, and we talked literature. A few days later, he returned and gave me his book - River of Stone.

This book is essentially a collection of biker stories. I don't ride what Colorado rides, and I don't exactly subscribe to the lifestyle he depicts in a lot of his stories. This, however, did not prevent me from enjoying his writing. There are stories I could go without, there are stories that make you want to consider a different perspective of "the crowd" he writes about. Then there is one story that really hit home with me - A Long and Winding Road. Colorado used to ride in my neck of the woods (maybe he still does) and the one road he describes in this story - I swear I ride there too. Perhaps it is because of this that every now and then I reach for the book and reread A Long and Winding Road; perhaps it is because I have a certain personal attachment to it. No matter what, it is a great story, a very human story. It is a piece of writing that touched me in the right spot and left its mark.

Colorado is far more famous for his epic poems, so this is very obscure title.